Cherish the environment

We offer eco-friendly reusable cups for your events. Perfect for large gatherings and concerts, our BPA-free reusable cups offer an ideal solution to disposable drinkware. Made from durable PP plastic and other reusable materials, these cups exemplify our commitment to providing sustainable drinking solutions, transforming the way we celebrate. Champion sustainability with every sip.

Reduce waste

Reusable cups elevate your guests' experience to a whole new level. Unlike single-use cups, our reusable drinkware, made from durable materials like PP plastic, are designed to last, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By investing in our BPA-free cups, you highlight responsible consumption and make every event a step towards a greener future.

Leaders on the market

As a leading promotional products company, we pride ourselves on delivering quality, sustainable reusable cups across the globe. Our efficient logistics ensure short lead times, making us a reliable partner for your events. With our top-notch products, we are committed to supporting your sustainability goals while elevating your brand's reputation.

Powerful branding

Boost your brand visibility with our customizable reusable cups! By featuring your company's logo on our high-quality cups, you turn each sip into a unique opportunity to promote your message. These personalized cups serve as effective marketing tools at events, impressing attendees while subtly enhancing brand recall and awareness.


Don't wait! Act now!

Are you looking for the ideal way to improve your company's ecological footprint and leave a sustainable impression of your brand? You've come to the right place! Recups offers high-quality reusable PP plastic cups for festivals, elegant glassware for restaurants and bars, eco-friendly metal cups for corporate gifts, and much more. All our products can be personalized with your company logo, which helps you create an eco-friendly image for your brand. Whatever you need - we have a sustainable solution for you!

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