About us

At Recups, we're not just in the business of selling products. We're in the business of fostering sustainable practices. We understand that you're not just looking for reusable cups – you're looking to establish a green footprint, to project an image of your brand that resonates with your employees, partners, and customers, both new and existing.

We're here to help you craft that image.

Our expertise lies not just in providing you with eco-friendly and sustainable cups, but in creating a complete, seamless solution that saves you more than just money - it saves you the peace of mind knowing that your brand is contributing to a healthier planet.

Our network is far-reaching, enabling us to provide you with a diverse selection of competitively priced offerings, from PP plastic cups to metal cups, from drinking glasses that add elegance to restaurants and bars, to personalized designs that truly capture your brand's identity.

Reach out to us. Let's come together, not as client and supplier, but as partners in the quest for a sustainable future. Let's find the best possible solutions together - solutions that don't just meet environmental regulations, but go beyond them. Let's create the remarkable, and let's do it sustainably.

Legal details of the company:

Dot Holding OÜ
Meistri 16-205, Tallinn 13517
Reg no. 12828454
KMKR: EE101784678

Project managers

Edvin Laani

+372 5683 1840 -edvin@promomates.eu


Steven Eomois

+372 5617 4902 - steven@promomates.eu


Heiki Lutschan

+372 56255274 - heiki@promomates.eu


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